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Hafilat balance check allows users to monitor their card balance for public transportation and make sure that users have enough credit for journeys. In UAE introducing the Hafilat Card has made it much easier for public transportation navigation in Abu Dhabi, the bustling capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). For both locals and visitors, this smart card has become an essential tool. It was originally intended to simplify the payment procedure for bus and boat rides.

We will find out how to check your card balance and recharge it online as we delve into the world of the Hafilat Card in this in-depth guide. This guide will make sure you have all the information you need to make the most out of your Hafilat Card, whether you’re an experienced commuter or a first-time visitor to Abu Dhabi.

One of the significant elements of Abu Dhabi’s public transportation system’s improvements in use, accessibility, and efficiency is the Hafilat Card smart card system. It provides the convenience of being refilled with money for numerous travels and can be used as payment for bus and ferry rides. Now let’s examine the main features of the Hafilat balance check:

How to check Hafilat card balance on your, step-by-step detailed:

Online Method:

  • Visit the official website to check the Hafilat balance.
  • Just click on the Recharge Card option. 
  • This will take you to a new page. 
  • Put the card’s serial number here.
  • Click OK. 
  • You will find your vintage/closing stability in the display screen that follows.
  • You will see confirmation status on screen offers a means of recharging if you so want.

Mobile App Method:

  • Download the Darb app on your iOS or Android mobile device.
  • You can use the program to quickly check the balance on your Hafilat card.

Offline Hafilat card balance check: 

Check from nearby area ticket vending machine

Your Hafilat card balance can be checked by using the ticket vending machines at a bus stop or transport hub. Enter your card information and follow the on-screen instructions to check your balance.

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Travel expenses/fares with the Hafilat Card

  • Inside-the-city travel: AED 2.
  • Suburban regional travel costs: AED 2 plus AED 0.05 per kilometer.
  • Travel between cities: AED 10 plus AED 0.1 per km.

Where you can get Hafilat Cards:

Ticket vending machines at bus stations all across the city, as well as important facilities like Abu Dhabi International Airport, Central Bus Station, and Mussafah Bus Station, make it easy to obtain Hafilat Cards.

  • Visit DARBI to locate Sales Recharge Machines (TVM)
  • Make a stop at Darbi
  • Cooperation AL Ain
  • In Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra, every location of Lulu Hypermarket and Lulu Exchange

Hafilat Card Types:

Some places employ specific cards for public transit in order to streamline and simplify travel. The Hafilat Card is one example of this type. There are two primary varieties of this card, and they are all priced differently. The Masaar Card is another illustration of a public transportation card.

The cost of the unidentified Hafilat bus card is AED 10. The reason it is called “Unidentified” is that no personal information is associated with it. For travelers or infrequent users, it’s helpful because you can purchase and use it right away. 

Other types of Hafilat cards are:

Immigrant Cards 

Occasional users who need a card for just a few travels. ideal for travelers or guests visiting the city.

Long-Term Cards

For frequent users of public transit who commute regularly. This is the ideal travel companion for everyday use.

Special Cards

Seniors, students, and individuals with special needs. These are thoughtfully made to meet certain demands.

Personalized Hafilat card

This more specific card costs AED 5. It is referred to as “Personalized” since your details can be linked to it. In addition to providing additional capabilities like tracking your travel history or even connecting it to a mobile app for simpler management, this can help you retrieve it more easily in the event that you misplace it.

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How to utilize a Hafilat card?

Using a Hafilat card makes sense for the following reasons:

  • The ease of use: Just swipe and go—no need to search for change!
  • Economical: Take advantage of exclusive deals and reduced tickets.
  • Protection: If a card is lost, it can be blocked and the balance moved to a new card.
  • Multipurpose: All public buses and some ferries accept the card.
  • Monitoring made simple: Use an online interface to keep tabs on your balance and consumption.

Verify that you have all of the needed documentation. 

You will need to provide a valid ID (passport or Emirates ID) and a passport-sized photo when you visit the customer care facility to get a Hafilat card.

Pay the amount due: 

Then, in order to receive a Hafilat card, you will need to be able to pay a fee. Cash or a credit or debit card can be used to cover the bill.

Obtain the card:

Your Hafilat card will be sent to you immediately after you have finished the application and paid the costs. When you ride for the first time, you can use the initial balance that is already there.

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Activate your credit card: 

Even if it’s not required, registering the card is strongly advised because it comes with a lot of advantages, such as online recharge capabilities and balance protection. 

Through a customer service center or online at the Department of Transport website, you can register your card.

Be aware that Hafilat cards and reduced fees may be available to students and senior citizens. Thus, when you are looking for a credit card, be sure to look into these options.

Ways to recharge a Hafilat card?

  • Adding credit to your Hafilat bus card online is a simple process. You can accomplish this by using the Darbi website or the online services provided by the Integrated Transport Center. Here is the detailed procedure:
  • Launch the webpage: Enter hafilat. darb.ae into your computer browser to access the Hafilat website. 
  • Find the option for recharging: Search for and select the option that reads “recharge card” or a similar phrase.
  • Enter the card’s information: A prompt will appear asking you to enter the serial number on your Hafilat card. Typically, the back of your card has a string of numbers on it.
  • Once your card details have been validated, you can choose the amount you wish to top up on your card. There are alternatives available in the range of 10 to 100 AED. 
  • Move on to the payment: Go to the payment page at the end. You can use an online wallet, debit card, or credit card here, among other online payment methods.
  • Final payment: To complete your payment, adhere to the on-screen directions. Your Hafilat Card will be refilled with the chosen amount after everything is finished.

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Last but not least, keeping track of your transportation costs is simple and convenient with a Hafilat balance check online. You can quickly and simply access your balance information from the comfort of your home by following the instructions provided in this blog post. You may avoid any potential issues or surprises while using your Hafilat card by doing this, which can also save you time and hassle. Whether you use your Hafilat card for occasional travel or your everyday commute, monitoring your balance is crucial to controlling your transportation expenses and making sure you always have enough money set aside for your excursions.


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