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Thank you for your interest in contributing to TourismJourney.com! We are delighted to offer guest posting opportunities to passionate writers who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences and write for us in the world of tourism. Our blog is dedicated to providing informative and engaging content to our readers, and we welcome your unique perspectives and insights.


We accept articles on the following topics:

  • Tourism-related
  • Dubai Tourism
  • Travel destinations
  • Traveling tips
  • Adventure travel
  • Attractions and cultural experiences
  • Travel experiences and more.

Content instructions:

Content Quality and Originality:

We accept original, manual, and plagiarism-free content. The article should not be published on other platforms or anywhere else. The content should be engaging, well structured; using appropriate headings(H1, H2, etc.), and informative for readers. There should be no grammar mistakes in the content.

Word Count:

We encourage articles with a word count of a minimum of 1000 words. Depending on the topic requirement, we are open to discussion.

SEO Optimization:

The article should be SEO-optimized using the keywords naturally. Avoid keyword stuffing and follow the guidelines to write SEO-optimized articles. Include a catchy and attractive title including a focus keyword. You can include links that are relevant and are from reputable sources to support your content. Add high-quality and original images relevant to the topic. Ensure you have the necessary rights to use them. You can read the Google instructions for further queries.

Review Process:

Before publishing, your content will be reviewed by our editorial team to check if it meets our quality standards and is according to our guidelines. We reserve the right to make minor changes if required. We will discuss it further with you.

Article submission:

Send your article to tourismjourney747@gmail.com with the subject line “Guest Post Submission: [Your Article’s Title].” We will try to respond to your submission within 24 hours.

By submitting your article to TourismJourney.com, you acknowledge that you are granting us the right to edit, publish, and promote your content on our website and social media channels. However, you retain full ownership and copyright of your work.

We look forward to receiving your unique contributions and sharing your insights with our global community of travel enthusiasts. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email.

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