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Al Barsha is a residential area in what is known as “New Dubai”. It is situated southwest of the city center and is one of the areas in Dubai that is rapidly expanding. Al Barsha is a popular and growing residential neighborhood that offers pleasant apartments and houses to Dubai’s residents in addition to a ton of fantastic stores, eateries, and hotels.

Explore Al Barsha subcommunities:

Al Barsha is a neighborhood community in west Dubai bounded by Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E 311) and Sheikh Zayed Road (E 11). Five subcommunities make up the development: Barsha Heights, Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha 2, Al Barsha 3, and Al Barsha South.

While the majority of villas are dispersed among different villages, Al Barsha 1 is home to the majority of apartment buildings, stores, and eateries. The location in Al Barsha, Dubai, makes everyday commuting quite easy. Barsha Heights, which is also an area of the TECOM Free Zone, is located next to the main Al Barsha neighborhood. Knowledge Village, Dubai Media City, and Dubai Internet City are among the other TECOM neighborhoods on the other side of Sheikh Zayed Road. Due to its membership in TECOM, Barsha Heights is home to media and tech start-ups, making it a more vibrant neighborhood.

Top attractions for visitors in Al Barsha:

If you explore a bit more profound into the neighborhood, you’ll find a ton of amazing things to see and do. The Mall of the Emirates is the most notable attraction in Al Barsha, with its unique indoor ski slope towering into the air. Al Barsha is home to an increasing number of Dubai’s top independent restaurants, so make sure you get a chance to try some of the local cuisines. Food is another attractive feature of the region.

Ski Dubai:

With its 85-meter-tall indoor ski slope, Ski Dubai is the mall’s most well-known attraction. This place offers snowboarding, tobogganing, and snowshoeing besides ski lessons for both beginners and specialists. Spending time with king and gentoo penguins at Ski Dubai’s Penguin Experience is one of the resort’s most well-liked features. Kids will also have a great time here.

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Dubai Miracle Garden:

One of the most popular attractions in Al Barsha is the Dubai Miracle Garden. It’s a 72,000-square-meter botanical spectacular that opens in the winter and features intricate floral constructions. Among them is an Emirates A380 aircraft which holds the record for being the largest flower-shaped aircraft in the world. You may engage with over 15,000 gorgeous butterflies in the ten climate-controlled domes of the Dubai Butterfly Garden located on the same site.

Indoor maze at Jumble

Travelers from all over the world have been drawn to Jumble Dubai’s indoor maze for a while now. And one of the most well-liked things to do in Al Barsha, Dubai, is to spend a day here. Come here in groups of three to six, and test your cunning and resolve by entering the indoor maze, which offers a genuine sense of adventure.
There are sixteen exciting mazes with two to six difficult chambers in each that you must navigate through to advance to the next. These sessions are thought to be quite thrilling and might last anywhere from two to four hours.

Theatre at Mall of the Emirates:

Visit The Theatre at the Mall of the Emirates for arts and culture. It frequently presents comedies, plays, concerts, and other events. More live music is also available at Barsha Heights’ Lock, Stock & Barrel, where bands frequently perform.

Go to Magical Planet:

Your list should include a visit to the Magic Planet because it offers something for everyone. Dubai’s largest indoor family entertainment facility, Magic Planet, is housed within the Mall of the Emirates. Magic Planet contains everything you could want. There are a ton of arcade and internet games, racing simulators, fun rides, 4XD movies, a pool, and a bowling alley.
The sky path and climbing wall are two of the key draws here, offering exhilarating and enjoyable experiences. In the park, kids may also have fun on the dodgem cars and trampolines.

Visit some of Dubai’s top malls for shopping in Al Barsha:

Al Barsha Mall:

This mall is less congested than MoE and offers a more tranquil, family-friendly experience. Al Barsha Mall has a wide range of eateries, grocery stores, fitness centers, government buildings, and a sizable kids’ play area.

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Visit Mall of the Emirates:

Mall of the Emirates is the main tourist attraction here which is located next to Sheikh Zayed Road. Mall of the Emirates is one of the most well-known shopping complexes in Dubai. It has premier stores for fashion, health, beauty, electronics, and other households on top of movie theaters, virtual reality experiences, gaming centers, and movie theaters.

Dubai Hills Mall:

In Dubai Hills Mall, a record-breaking indoor rollercoaster called The Storm can be found. Alternatively, for more active fun, visit the mall’s Adventure Park. Don’t forget to take a stroll around Dubai Hills Park to make lifelong memories.

Center of My City Al Barsha:

Another popular mall is My City Centre Al Barsha, which is situated in Barsha South. Residents of Al Barsha South can visit the City Centre of Al Barsha for a fast-shopping fix because it’s far from the Mall of the Emirates.

Al Barsha Galleria Mall:

In Al Barsha Second, close to Al Barsha Pond, is a relatively new location called Galleria Mall. Among the numerous well-known brands in the mall are Capster, Galerie Hindam, and La Cavalieri. Galleria Mall also has department stores, medical shops, and restaurants.

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How to reach Al Barsha?

Al Barsha is conveniently reachable by automobile and public transportation. By public transportation, Mashreq and Mall of the Emirates stations are the two stops on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro located in Al Barsha. A footbridge connects the Mall of the Emirates station immediately to the mall. Passing through the mall makes it simple to access the neighborhood, which is home to numerous hotels.
Apart from that, there are many RTA feeder bus services (routes F30, F32, F33, F35, F36, and F37) that travel from the Mall of the Emirates station via Al Barsha and on to destinations. Among the destinations are Arabian Ranches, Dubai Miracle Garden, Studio City, Motor City, and Sports City.

Benefits of choosing to live in Dubai’s Al Barsha:

Living in Dubai’s Al Barsha neighborhood has various benefits. You can choose from several kinds of properties and a large variety of homes that fit various lifestyles. Among a variety of property kinds, some are as follows:


Al Barsha offers a variety of apartment types, ranging from reasonably priced studios to opulent penthouses. Having modern infrastructures, the majority of flats offer first-rate amenities like gyms, swimming pools, and round-the-clock security.


Al Barsha offers a variety of villas, ranging in size from modest two-bedroom homes to opulent mansions with gardens and private pools. The villas provide a great degree of seclusion, poise, and security and are found in gated communities creating a stress-free environment.


There are various family-friendly townhouse projects here. In most cases, these homes have multiple bedrooms, a private garden, and a spacious living area.

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Hotel Apartments:

Al Barsha has many hotel apartments that combine the privacy and space of an apartment with the ease of hotel living. For people who want a professional living environment or for short-term stays, these houses are perfect.

Final Words:

Don’t skip out on this opportunity to invest in one of Dubai’s fastest-growing suburbs. Many in-demand properties are available for purchase in Al Barsha. You may consider them for investment or for your own residence.

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