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Camping in UAE deserts is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy and explore the United Arab Emirates.

UAE illustrates luxury, gems, deserts, and fantasies! UAE is well-known for its desert and a wide range of desert activities around the world! When discussing deserts, the image that first comes to mind is the sweep of golden sand that stretches to the horizon. In both Arabian culture and UAE tourism journeys, the desert has long played a significant role.

People may now fully enjoy the desert in the United Arab Emirates thanks to a plethora of activities and distinctive camping in UAE alternatives. One of the most common recreational activities in the United Arab Emirates is desert camping.

Which season is perfect for camping in the UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates, October through March provide the best camping weather due to their milder temperatures, which make them perfect for outdoor activities. Camping in the sweltering summer months is not recommended because of the high temperatures that may cause pain.

You can experience the UAE’s wildness, nature, marine life, and adventurous activities by going camping in the desert. To escape the unpleasant humidity, the winter months of November through late March are the best times to engage in desert camping activities in the United Arab Emirates.

Is it necessary to have a permit in the UAE for camping?

No permit is required if you want to camp in the city for a short period. However, you need to have a permit for camping in UAE if you want to camp for an extended time. You can only do so in Dubai’s Wadi Al Amardi, Al Warqa, Wadi Al Shabak, and Al Khawaneej districts.

Best locations for camping in UAE:

If you have never experienced camping in UAE and don’t know which location is suitable for camping, then don’t worry. We have found some best locations for camping. You may benefit from them.

  • Jebel Al Jais

Jebel Al Jais is the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates often known as the “Grand Canyon of Oman”. It is present in Ras Al Khaimah and is one of the best locations for camping because of its breathtaking views. Enjoy the stunning mountain canyon while climbing up to some of the area’s best overlooks. The hiking route is very flat and simple to navigate.

Campers can enjoy views of the wide valleys and mountains at sunrise and sunset. For amazing moments spent with your traveling companions, this is the ideal spot to lie under the starry night sky. Absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  • Starlight Camp:

camping in UAE Starlight Camp

An open-air adventure called Starlight Camp is located in a desert 45 minutes drive from Dubai. Here the visitors spend the night in a dome tent with sparkling views of the sky above. For a comfortable stay, a fully furnished campsite can be reserved. From the comfort of your bed, enjoy the starry sky while you sleep beneath a crystal dome. There’s plenty of space to sleep, books, board games, an energy plug to keep all your gadgets charged, and a heater to keep things cozy.

  • Al Wathba Lake Camp:

This eco-friendly location offering stunning views is a peaceful location to camp between the desert and the lake. Around Al Wathba Lake, there are 24 picnic areas and 13 campsites. There are facilities in this area for a variety of leisure and fun activities, including playgrounds, multiple volleyball courts, and a cycling track.

  • White Sand Beach:

The White Sands Beach, located between Fins and Wadi Shab along Oman’s coastline, is one of the most crushing and untouched beaches in the United Arab Emirates. You can set up a tent and take in the ocean views from the top of a cliff that is permitted at this beach. Enjoying the shoreline here and keeping a look at sea urchins near the beach are highly enjoyed by the campers. The beach is well recognized for its exploration of the UAE’s aquatic life. 

  • Hatta Mountains:

Hatta offers a more natural fleeing. For overnight camping at the Hatta Sedr Trailers, campers in the form of Airstreams are available. Separate bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, electric lighting, and incredibly cozy beds are present for a comfortable experience. You can relax on the secluded, rustic terrace outside.

Nearby, there is a water park to enjoy water sports, called Hatta Drop-in with slides, doughnuts, and jump runs. There is also Hatta Wadi Hub, which provides activities like wall climbing, axe throwing, rope courses, mountain biking, and even a human slingshot. For a more rustic experience, venture into the hills for some wonderful hiking or take a kayak ride on the azure water of Hatta Dam.

  • Al Rafaah Beach:

One must-see beach in the UAE is Al Rafaah, which is close to Umm Al Quwain, a popular tourist destination! Most people know it as Umm Al Quwain Beach. A great place for camping and fishing. Many people camp here and engage in recreational activities each year. When it comes to fishing, Al Rafaah Beach is the best spot to go. So, pack a picnic basket and your fishing pole and go camping. Many different species of wild birds, including flamingos, can be found at Al Rafaah Beach. Families may have a great time at the newly added Dreamland Aqua Park, which is close to the beach. You can take your kids to the park and watch them play in no time!

  • Al Qudra Lakes:

capming in UAE Al Qudra Lake

If you’re in Dubai and want to get back to nature without going too far, this is a great option. Drive off-road and arrive at this breathtaking hideaway, just 48 kilometers from Dubai. Even when it gets crowded at dusk, it’s still enjoyable. With over 130 species to see, birdwatchers will be in their element here.

Or you may just use the barbecue to prepare some delicious grills while telling your best campfire stories. For a bit of exercise, you can even bring your bike and take a spin along the 86-kilometer Al Qudra cycle track.

  • Sand Sherpa:

In the UAE, this is a perfect match for camping and glamping since it allows you to be outdoors while still being extremely safe. Weekend camps are available by Sand Sherpa in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve from September to June. With the assistance of one of the team’s “sherpas,” take in the surroundings.

There is a campfire grill, a sofa, a dining table, utensils, and a Sherpa Tent for each party, and the entire camp area is furnished to meet your every need. Roll on some delicious barbecue. Those who wish to explore everything that the picturesque location has to offer can also go on a wildlife walk with the guide.

  • Banan Beach:

Banan Beach is a hidden gem for daytime camping in the city; it’s a cozy, little area. Tourists mostly visit the beach to camp there. Many great facilities, such as seats, tents, cushions, and so forth, are provided by the personnel. It’s reported that the pricing is acceptable, albeit with a little volatility. Currently, the beach resort has 12 water sports, five cabins, and 47 camping tents.

  • Arabian Dreams Desert Camp:

camping in UAE Arabian Dreams Desert Camp

This camp is the most well-known in Dubai and is a part of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It offers eight tent dwellings that can easily accommodate sixteen visitors at a time. It provides a cozy and stress-free ambiance with comfortable restrooms. Its package includes dune drives and camel rides. Visitors are entertained by the presence of Oryx and falcons that are seen here.

  • Longbeach Campground:

In Ras Al Khaimah, Longbeach Campground is a great option if you’re searching for the perfect camping vacation. You may get everything you need to feel comfortable, including options for luxury suits and tents in classic styles for both solo and group travelers. You won’t get bored with the schedule of exercises, which includes tennis, archery, Tabata training, and water sports.

Must have these essentials with you during  camping in UAE:

To ensure a stress-free camping experience, you must make sure to have the necessary supplies.

Apart from tents and blankets, you shouldn’t forget the following extra camping essentials: 

  • Enough food
  • Water and other drinks
  • Appropriate Lighting Supplies
  • Battery Power
  • First Aid Box
  • Extra clothes
  • Spare car wheel

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UAE camping offers panoramic desert views and captivating sunsets for an amazing experience. For family get-togethers and picnics, camping in the United Arab Emirates is a budget-friendly activity. Camping in the desert provides a chance to explore nature. The breathtaking views of the desert and captivating sunsets offer a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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