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Dubai Investments Park(DIP) is a great commercial, residential, and industrial development in Dubai, UAE. This project including Dubai Investments Park-1 (located on the west) and Dubai Investments Park-2 (located on the east) was established in 1997. It covers a vast area of 2300 hectares and seems like a city within the city.

Location and Accessibility of Dubai Investments Park:

Dubai Investments Park(DIP) in Dubai is situated along the Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed Road, a major highway in Dubai. The vast development offers accessibility to major transportation routes. A network of roads connects it to all parts of the city and is easily accessible through any mode of transportation. Offering business and residential areas, it is an ideal destination for businesses and residents. Airports, seaports, and main city areas are easily accessible. Dubai Marina is just 18-20 minutes away. Dubai Production City is adjacent to Dubai Investments Park.

Features and amenities of Dubai Investment Park:

Jebel Ali Industrial Zone is located near DIP and is a primary industrial zone. Jebel Ali Free Zone, which is one of the largest free zones is also located near it. Moreover, Dubai Sports City, Dubai Marina, Green Community, etc also contribute to its importance.

Here is a brief overview of the facilities and amenities available in DIP:

  • Security 

The security and maintenance team of DIP ensures the safety and well-being of residents. Advanced security systems including CCTV cameras are installed in the complex. The security personnel ensures the safety of residents and visitors. 24/7 surveillance and all other security measures keep the environment of the community safe and peaceful.

A police post is located within DIP that is linked to the Dubai Police General Headquarters. It provides safety to the residents and tenants. 

The helpline number of the police post according to the official website of DIP is: +971 4 885 9879.

Security personnel and vehicles patrol the entire area throughout the day and night. 

  • Healthcare Faciliities

DIP offers various healthcare facilities. Some centres are providing health services to the residents and some projects are under construction. The well-known NMC private hospital is situated near DIP. The government hospital close to DIP is Rashid Hospital in Garhoud. Cedras-Jebel Ali International Hospital present in JAFZA is also easily accessible for the residents of DIP. These hospitals have the latest machinery and services. So residents will face no problems related to healthcare in DIP. Moreover, in case of emergency, ambulances patrolling in the city are there at any time.

  • Educational Facilities in Dubai Investments Park

DIP is paying heed to cater to the educational needs of the residents. For this purpose, several educational institutions are working to provide quality education to students. Within DIP premises, the following 6 schools are present:

Greenfield International School

Durham School

The International School of Choueifat

DoveGreen Private School 

Nibras International School and

Bright Riders School

Students get a great learning environment in these schools and all the facilities are present. These institutions pay attention to providing quality education and character-building for their students. These schools are located in different areas in DIP. 

  • Shopping and Dining options

4 shopping malls in DIP offer great shopping experiences to everyone. There is something for everyone according to their taste and budget. From grocery to branded outfits, several stores in these malls don’t disappoint the customers. Ibn Battuta Mall is just 17 minutes drive from here which is the world’s largest themed mall. 

A brief look at some malls is here:

The Market:

The Market, in the Green community, offers a pleasant shopping experience to visitors. There is an array of 86 retail units occupied by 54 retailers that offer a variety of products. There are shops of almost every kind like supermarkets, gifts, bookshops, restaurants, cafes, entertainment outlets, pharmacies, gyms for ladies and gents, banks, etc. Hence for any purpose, you can visit The Market.

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DIP Shopping Centre:

It is located in the heart of the commercial zone and occupies various facilities like foodcourts, coffee shops, child play areas, pharmacies, saloons, and other shopping outlets. The Carrefour Supermarket is also located here which is a point of attraction for shoppers.

Dream Oasis Shopping Centre:

This shopping center is located near the entrance of Green Community. It also helps to serve the increasing population of the DIP community.

Park and Shop Department Store: 

This department store is present near Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, within the showroom’s strip. It offers shopping services to the residents and other visitors.

  • Entertainment options

Various entertainment options are present in Dubai Investments Park. Every residential community has its own swimming pools, sports clubs, fitness facilities, etc.

DIP is ambitious to provide fitness and entertainment options to its residents. In this regard, a land area of 38000 square meters has been utilized to construct sports facilities near phases 1 and 2. Moreover, badminton, basketball, tennis, and squash courts are also present at different locations within the communities. 

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  • Hotels and Apartments:

Hotels and furnished apartments are present here which make it an ideal business hub. There is a wide range of hotels and apartments for tourists and for business purposes. In order to provide high-quality accommodation, the infrastructure is made with great planning and also great services are offered here. 

Here is the list of hotels and apartments that exist in DIP:

Premier Inn

Peony Hotel

Fortune Park Hotel 

Copthorne Lakeview Hotel Dubai, Green Community & Copthorne Lake View Executive Apartments

Abar Hotel Apartments

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Zones in Dubai Investment Park:

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial are the three zones in DIP. All of these zones play an important role in the progress and development of DIP and are interlinked with each other.

Here is a brief outlook of the zones present in DIP:

Residential Zone:

The residential zone offers a variety of housing options to permanent residents and also tenants. It comprises villas, apartments, and townhouses. The residential zone provides a high-quality and comfortable living environment by providing amenities like healthcare, education, security, and entertainment facilities. 

The Green Community, Dunes Village, Ewan Residences, Park View Heights, Ritaj, Staff Accommodation, and Dubai Lagoon are the different communities within the residential zone of DIP.    

Commercial Zone:

The Commercial zone of DIP focuses on accommodating businesses from startups to multinational corporations. From business facilities like office spaces, and corporate headquarters to retail centers, shopping, and dining facilities are available in the zone to cater to all the needs of residents, visitors, and employees.

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Industrial Zone:

It is the key zone in DIP that has emerged in developing various industries from light to medium and heavy. There are various manufacturing units, warehouses, and distribution centers. 

Light and medium industries are present for small businesses and are available in 500m^2 to 1000m^2 units. These include industries that manufacture goods such as soaps, furniture, plastics, perfumes, packaging materials, etc. 

Similarly heavy industries are involved in high-grade manufacturing and other industrial activities that are associated with warehousing and transportation.

The major industries at DIP include plastic, furniture, oil, power and utilities, textile, construction, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and building materials.


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