In Dubai, the BurJuman Metro Station is a greatly creative and exquisitely built area. The station is illuminated with ambient blue lighting that produces a calm and quiet atmosphere, and the walls are adorned with pictures that highlight Dubai’s rich history of fishing and pearl diving.

Commuters have a convenient and comfortable ride because of the station’s contemporary construction. Ideally located in the heart of the Bur Dubai region, Burjuman Metro Station provides quick access to retail centers, residential neighborhoods, and cultural sites. The station’s cutting-edge amenities, which include elevators, escalators, and ticketing services, guarantee easy passenger flow and accessibility. It is a vital component of Dubai’s dynamic urban landscape due to its major role in the city’s public transit system.

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BurJuman Metro Station Guide:

BurJuman Metro Station is situated in Al Karama and is accessible via the Dubai Metro’s Red and Green Lines. Passengers can switch lines at this interchange station, which serves both the red and green lines.

The following list contains the location (address) of the BurJuman Metro Station, the Metro route, timings, the shops, the UAE Exchange, the ADIB Customer Service Center, restaurants, and hotels inside the station.

There will be spaces to lock bicycles, cab pickup, and bus connections at each stop. Every station has lifts and escalators as needed. On average, a station is located every 1.5 km. Types of stations include underground, Type 2 normal elevated, Type 3 special elevated, and Type 1 at grade. Earth (12 stations), Water (13 stations), Air (11 stations), and Fire (11 stations) are the station themes. The UAE’s history of pearl diving served as the model for the roof.

Red line & Green line

Red Line Metro

  • 29 stations: 4 subterranean, 1 at ground level, and 24 elevated
  • Every 3:45 minutes during peak hours and every 7:00 minutes during off-peak
  • 38 trains were in service at first, and by 2010, there were 51 trains.
  • 11,675 passengers each way per hour is the initial capacity.
  • A total of 52.1 kilometers, including 4.7 km underground (under Dubai Creek).
  • Estimated total travel time: 1 hour and 12 minutes.
  • Estimated total journey time: 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Green Line Metro

  • 20 stations: 8 underground and 12 elevated.
  • 60 trains were in service by the end of 2010 compared to the initial 16 trains.
  • About 6.394 passengers per direction per hour were the initial capacity.
  • 5 kilometers in total.
  • Estimated total travel time: one hour and twenty-three minutes.

BurJuman Metro Schedule:

  • Saturday through Thursday, 06:00–2300 (6 a.m.–11 p.m.)
  • Friday from 2 p.m. until midnight, 1400–2400
  • Located in Karama, Al
  • Dial 800 90 90 to reach Dubai RTA with any inquiries.

Things inside the BurJuman Metro Station:

  • Zoom Convenience Store
  • UAE Currency
  • ATM service
  • BurJuman Center Dome
  • Customer Service Center of ADIB
  • Restrooms/toilets

Accommodations Near BurJuman Metro Station

  • Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa
  • City Seasons Towers
  • Regent Palace Hotel
  • Al Bandar Rotana
  • Holiday Inn Bur Dubai
  • York International Hotel
  • Orchid Vue Hotel
  • Raviz Center Point Hotel
  • Majestic Premier Hotel
  • Savory Crest Hotel
  • Rush Inn Hotel

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Restaurants Near BurJuman Metro

Swiss Butter

Swiss Butter is among the best-recommended eateries close to Burjuman, which should be no surprise. This café is the perfect spot to take Instagram photos, nestled comfortably inside the Novotel Hotel. Excellent food, affordable rates, and kind service make it perfect. As a cherry on top, they also enjoy a happy hour despite that.

The steak, chicken, or salmon dishes are laced with some of the most delicious sauces, regardless of your choice. We should not forget the unique Swiss butter sauce, which is quite divine. Simple and perfectly cooked sides are served.

Raaga – Indian cuisine

Raaga is one of the wonderful restaurants close to Burjuman where you can have a taste of real Awadhi food right in the middle of Dubai. The distinct flavors and aromas take you back to Lucknow, the city of the Nawabs, and capture the passion and essence of authentic Indian cuisine.

Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on the menu follow the traditional method of dum cooking, which involves slowly combining the tastes of food in an airtight pot. The Northern Indian, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian cooking styles are all adhered to.

On weekday afternoons, spend joyful hours here with breathtaking views of the neighboring dam and the best hospitality at one of the friendliest restaurants close to Burjuman.

California Pizza Kitchen

You need to look no further and come directly to the California Pizza Kitchen, one of the greatest casual dining establishments close to Burjuman if you need some delicious pizza, spaghetti, soups, and salads. This restaurant serves delicious, freshly cooked food that is bursting with flavor.

Here in the Middle East, the global brand that has made a name for itself in multiple nations is continuing to provide meals of the highest caliber. Its BBQ chicken pizza is among its best-selling dishes, and for good reason. It deserves special attention. In keeping with the menu, the atmosphere is laid back, informal, and pleasant, while the service is timely.

I2 Café

I2 Café has a stylish, welcoming atmosphere with muted lighting and earthy hues. You may unwind in this laid-back and welcoming atmosphere with a leisurely lunch or a cup of coffee. Ideal for holding meetings, hanging out with friends over coffee and stimulating conversation, or just spending some time alone, reading, and unwinding.

For health-conscious people, there is an extensive and diverse menu selection, including a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options. They start at breakfast and stay open for lunch and dinner. For those who enjoy excellent food and coffee, the menu includes many options.

Teriyaki Boy & Sizzlin’Steak

Are you pleased about imagining a sizzling plate of various vegetables accompanied by a boiling hot steak? Here’s your big chance to dig right in. To further enhance the experience, Teriyaki Boy and Sizzlin’ Steak bring in a superb blend of Eastern and Western flavors in their dishes, all under one roof.

This is one of the most highly ranked restaurants near Burjuman largely because of the restaurant’s excellent chefs who give memorable culinary and dining experiences for all clients. The restaurant and café are open for breakfast and serve light bites, coffee breaks, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, they run enticing promotions with endless rice and bottomless drinks.

MINA Brasserie

MINA Brasserie is situated on the podium level of the Four Seasons DIFC, right in the center of the DIFC Gate Village. It is an ancient European brasserie with elements unique to Michael Mina. Famous brasseries from all around the world served as inspiration for the cuisine. A comprehensive à la carte menu is available from midday through the afternoon and evening. It offers a delectable array of desserts and traditional European favorites made with carefully chosen seasonal seafood, meat, and fish. The goal of this restaurant is to produce scrumptious, aesthetically pleasing, and enticing meals that are approachable and cozy.

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Final Words

Millions of tourists have visited Dubai and traveled to BurJuman Metro Station. Every year since it opened in 1991, BurJuman has the most popular shopping destination in Bur Dubai. It offers 148 comfortable and useful rooms together with a variety of dining, entertainment, and business facilities. A five-star experience is provided to clients by having everything in one place.

Also, this hub does a fantastic job of combining regional customs with contemporary style. It offers top sellers’ newest fashion and lifestyle goods to its valued customers. This includes a hypermarket, a family entertainment center, a movie theater, and businesses like Splash and Forever 21.

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