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Azad Visa Dubai is a 2-year freelance visa provided by companies in Dubai. Having this visa you can work independently on your own, set up your own business, and don’t need to work under the company that provided the visa. But keep in mind that it is not legally recognized.    Those who don’t know about Azad Visa Dubai will get complete information in this article about the visa, its processing, validity, legality, obtainment, and prices. 

What is Azad Visa Dubai?

Azad visa Dubai is provided by the companies present in Dubai but the visa holder doesn’t necessarily need to work in that company. The visa holder can start his own business and work independently in the UAE. Having this visa, one can easily establish his own business and doesn’t need to work under the company that has issued him the working visa. So you can freely work on your own having this visa without the restrictions of the company.

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How to get an Azad visa for Dubai?

Getting an Azad visa for Dubai is quite simple. As it is issued by the company, so you should contact a company or an embassy that provides you with the visa. They will take interview the candidate and if he is selected then the company will start the processing of the visa. The candidate will have to pay the fees for the visa application. After that, the company sends him the visa and now he can go and work in Dubai independently. 

Point to Consider:

You have to pass the medical test, otherwise, you cannot get an Azad visa and work in Dubai. Passing a medical test from approved health centers in UAE is required for work in Dubai. If you are suffering from a serious life-threatening disease, then you will not be allowed to stay. You will get the visa only if you are medically fit.

Simple process to obtain visa:

To obtain UAE  Azad visa, you need to follow these steps:

  • Find a sponsor(a company or embassy) that will initiate and manage visa application process on your behalf.
  • Gather the required documents for visa application. These documents typically include valid passport, passport-sized photographs, completed application forms, and any additional documents required.
  • Provide your application and required documents to the sponsor who will submit your application to the appropriate UAE immigration authorities. 
  • Pay the visa fees to ensure that your application is being processed. Follow the instructions of the sponsor. 
  • Now it’s time to wait for the approval of your visa application. 
  • Once your visa application is approved, you will receive your visa and now you can easily go and work independently with your Azad visa in Dubai.

Validity of UAE Azad visa:

The visa is typically valid for only 2 years. After this time period, you can apply to extend your visa validity. But you have to pay separately for this extension of visa. Whenever you see that your visa is going to expire, apply for an extension of your visa.  

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How much does it cost to obtain Azad visa Dubai?

Visa fees cover the charges for visa stamping, visa stamping, etc. The visa fees approximately cost between AED3000_AED7000. The fees include all the taxes and fees of processing visa. Approximately half of the fee is included in a refundable deposit and half covers the expenses of stamping, medical test, and emirates ID, etc. If you want to renew your visa then it approximately costs AED3000. The visa fees is non-refundable in case of visa cancellation.

Is Azad visa Dubai legal?

The clear answer to the question is that working independently on Azad visa is completely illegal and not is not encouraged. It is considered a crime as it is not officially and legally recognized. 

What are the risk factors of working with Azad visa?

As it is unlawful to work anywhere on Azad Dubai visa, you can face many problems. If someone is caught working at another place, then he will have to face serious outcomes. For example, he may be banned permanently or deported, his visa could be canceled, or he may have to face prison. Moreover, if someone working at another company is recognized by its authorities, then they will also charge him with heavy fines. Additionally, if the company in which you are working is not giving you a salary or you are facing another problem, then you cannot legally deal with them as you are working as an illegal employee. So it’s quite risky to work or set up your business on Azad visa. Think deeply about the situation and then opt for working with this visa. 

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Azad Visa Dubai provides the freedom of working independently. You have to contact any company in Dubai that can provide you visa but you do not work in that company. It is valid for 2 years. But this visa is not legal. Thoroughly go through the risk factors involved in it and then make any decision.

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