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Everybody is familiar with the souks and malls in Dubai. This neighborhood has several places to shop, from big supermalls with upscale stores to low-cost shopping zones. Dragon Mart is the largest Chinese products marketplace outside of the Chinese mainland. When it was completed in 2004, it supplied traders with an exclusive platform to meet the demands of this substantial market and acted as the connection for the delivery of Chinese goods into the markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

Dragon Mart Dubai offers an extensive variety of low-cost retailers in Dubai for hardware, kitchenware, electronics, and cutlery. Dragon Mart, often known as the “Dragon Mall in Dubai,” is the biggest Chinese product trading hub outside of China. This article has all the information you need if you’re looking for information on the “Dragon Mart Dubai location,” “Shop affordable buying offers,” “Restaurants in Dragon Mart Dubai,” or just want to know about the next sales and what to negotiate for.

Overview of Dragon Mart

Over 3,950 outlets offering a wide variety of products, including home appliances, stationery, office appliances, communication and acoustic equipment, lamps, household items, building materials, furniture, toys, machinery, garments, textiles, footwear, and general merchandise, are currently housed in the 1.2 km long and 150,000 sq. m dragon-shaped retail complex, which is divided into seven zones to provide customers and traders with a range of quality amenities.

When the facility opened its doors in 2004 after being constructed in 2002, it saw an annual increase in foot traffic. At the moment, Dragon Mart welcomes 25,000 visitors on average each day, or almost 19 million annually. Only 200 meters from the main complex, the development boasts 25 residential buildings, eight completely equipped warehouses, and a prime location on the Hatta/Al Ain highway. It also includes approximately 2,500 parking spots.

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How to go to Dragon Mart

You can use the following modes of public transportation to get to Dragon Mart:

Dubai Metro:

The mart is not connected to any stations. Some buses on the Red Line in Dubai go straight from the Centre point Metro Station (in Rashidiya) to Dragon Mart.

Bus routes:

20, 310, 367, and F48 stop close to Dragon Mart and can be walked to. The easiest way to get from Centre point station to the Chinese shopping cluster is to take bus 310. To access thorough public transit timetables, please visit rta. ae website.

Or, if you’re traveling by car, go toward Hatta/Oman on Al Khawaneej Road (E 44). Use Google Maps to see a visual representation of the entire drive.

Shop Affordable offers at Dragon Mart – Best Deals

Dragon Mall is recognized as a retail paradise for a grand shopping experience, in contrast to other malls in Dubai that hold upmarket, pricey retailers. Fantastic discounts are available on everything, and customers may also haggle and barter to get the best deal. Furniture, textiles, carpets, home appliances, office supplies, electronics, building materials, machinery, apparel, accessories, shoes, and much more are all available for purchase. The larger the buy, the greater the savings.

For those who live nearby in the International City, Dragon Mart Dubai also has a sizable Carrefour outlet.

  • Here stores also sell reasonably priced e-cigarettes, shishkas, and other accessories.
  • Everything you need, from a charming teapot to a charming lamp, is available at affordable costs.
  • Dragon Mall Dubai’s electronics section offers many appliances and electrical devices at discounted prices.
  • Affordably priced lighting equipment and home décor goods are also offered.
  • For toys and fashion items, there is a separate section.

Top fast-food dining restaurants in Dragon Mart

Top fast-food restaurants and cafes are among the more than 52 restaurants that jointly make the Dragon Mart Dubai. Here are some of Dragon Mart’s suggested dining options:

Mahal Turkish Cuisine is a popular eatery at Dragon Mart Dubai, and its assortment of recipes makes it one of the most sought-after spots. Mahal has the best meat cuts, from stakes to chicken curries. There are also salads, baked goods, and delectable sweets available for vegetarians.

Traditional cuisine is served at several Dragon Mart restaurants, including Al Arrab, Al Farooj, Kababak, and Maraheb.

Your favorite fast-food eateries will be available. KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Hardee’s, London Fish and Chips, Burger World, and Charley Philly Steaks are simply a few of the fast-food restaurants available.

Most of the eateries in Dragon Mart 2, Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, Olives and Tomatoes, and Old Wood Village are all excellent places to eat.

There are not many options for coffee and drinks, however, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Second Cup, and Café Frappe are.


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Entertainment and Gaming in Dragon Mart Dubai

Within the Dragon Mart expansion are a nine-screen megaplex movie theater, a large food court, and several stand-alone restaurants. Also, it exhibits a modern gaming zone with a variety of video games, virtual reality games, redemption games, and novelty items for kids and adults in its entertainment area. The mall also hosts a range of concerts and live events with well-known performers on the weekends and public holidays.

For youngsters of every age, Fabyland is a futuristic indoor family entertainment place located in Dragon Mart 2. It gives plenty of rides, arcade video games, and redemption video games to entertain your youngsters while you save. With bumper motors and a tender play region, this enjoyment appeal additionally presents a safe yet exhilarating environment for riders. The Dragon Mart times for Fabyland are the same as the ones for Dragon Mart.

Dragon Mart is currently operating an online store

Dragon Mart APP

Over 45,000 products are accessible at Dragon Mart; consumers can filter and find them with Dragonmart. ae. Popular categories like Home, Electronics, Games and toys, Fashion, and more are the main focus of the website. With the help of this Mart, small businesses and shops can reach clients throughout the United Arab Emirates. Go to dragonmart. ae if you like.

Operating hours for Dragon Mart Dubai

  • The purchasing middle is open seven days per week.
  • The mart is open Sunday via Wednesday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm and Thursday via Saturday from 10:00 am to twelve:00 am.
  • Every day between 8:00 and 10:00 pm, the mall is typically bustling.
  • Before making tour plans, it’s far beneficial to affirm Dragon Mart’s commercial enterprise hours, as they might vary for the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Contact us at +971-43-90-9999.

Some points to keep in mind before visiting the Mart

  • You need to dress well and wear shoes appropriate to your height before entering the 4,000-store mall.
  • During peak hours, don’t visit the mall after 3 PM. Arrive early at the mall to enjoy the stroll through it.
  • You should never back down from a good price. Make sure you get along with the store owners.
  • Before buying any electrical device or equipment you must always request a trial run to make sure the product is of the right quality.

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Final Words

Now that you know these shopping recommendations for Dubai, go explore the area where you live! This shopping center won’t disappoint you. The pricing is reasonable and the selection of items is amazing.

As a result, even if this list is a great tool for planning your economical visit to Dragon Mart Dubai, you shouldn’t rely solely on it. To guarantee that you can get amazing deals and have a great time, visit this Mart of Dubai often and keep an open mind regarding new things!

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