Shees Park Khorfakkan, Sharjah

Shees Park is one of the notable newcomers to the UAE’s popular tourist destinations. The charming location has attracted a lot of attention from tourists.  Located away in the middle of the Hajar Mountains, Shees Park Khor Fakkan is currently asserting its rightful place as one of the UAE’s top destinations for family outings and exploration.

The United Arab Emirates is known for its unique topography. The place is great for outdoor activities, especially in winter. An exciting new tourist attraction has opened in Wadi Shees. The public can now enjoy Shees Park, located in Khorfakkan on the outskirts of Sharjah with the beautiful backdrop of the Hajar Mountains.

When you think of your next travel destination, the vastness of the desert landscape immediately comes to mind. Almost half of the nation is covered by it.  The energy and charm of Dubai transcend the desert. Furthermore, due to its amazing achievements in technology and healthcare, the UAE has also created a lush green haven.

Learn about what activities are offered here and get a close-up look at the park.

Historical Background of Shees Park

In Khor Fakkan, Sharjah, UAE, Shees Park is a tourist park near the small town of Shis. The park was built in about eight months from start to finish. An artificial waterfall rising to a height of 25 meters is present on the 11,362 square meter property. There are 506 meters of pathways connecting the three mountain terraces connected by stone steps. With its location 30 meters above the park’s main level, the main viewing platform is the highest point.

The facility includes a children’s playground, thirty-two family-friendly covered seating sections, a 70-seat outdoor theater, and a grill area. The ruler of Sharjah, Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, gave it his official opening on October 15, 2020.

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Shees Park Entrance Fee for Visitors

The park is free for everyone who wants to come and is therefore a must-see spot for everyone because it doesn’t cost much to visit this lovely place.

Top Activities to Do at Khorfakkan Shees Park

Enjoy the artificial waterfall

Shees Park Waterfall

One of the top attractions at the park is the 25-meter-tall waterfall. This artificial waterfall, which cascades into a charming lake, is an eye-catcher to the park and provides an excellent opportunity for photographs.

Scale Mountain Trails and Pathways

There are 506 meters of mountain trails and walkways at Khor Fakkan’s Shees Park that visitors can stroll along or climb. The main viewing deck is reached via three levels of mountain slopes. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the park and its surroundings from the main viewing platform.

Enjoy the BBQ picnic in the Shees park

There are permitted grilling areas, but be aware that there aren’t many of them and that they can fill up quickly on the weekends. In the park, there are also pleasant spots to sit under the shade for lunch with loved ones. The park offers a restaurant where you can purchase coffee, bread, and quick snacks without having to light up the grill if you don’t feel like cooking on the barbecue.

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Outdoor Theatre Live Show

You may enjoy entertaining live performances at the park’s outdoor amphitheater, which provides seating for up to 70 people. Parking spaces, restrooms, and eateries are also available there.

Go for a Walk in the Park

Take a stroll through the exquisitely manicured lawns and gardens after enjoying the company of your loved ones at the picnic, particularly in the winter months.

Spacious Play Area for Kids

Shees Park play area for kids

Your kids will love the spacious play area with see-saws, slides, swings, and other equipment that is encircled by the covered seats.

Attractions to see at Shees Park

With top-notch amenities and a true delight for nature lovers, Wadi Shees Park aims to provide visitors with a truly unforgettable visit.

  • Artificial waterfall
  • Breathtaking views of the mountains
  • Gorgeous lakes
  • Pathways through mountains
  • Terraces in the mountains
  • Vantage viewpoints
  • Recreational space
  • Grilling area
  • Shaded seated areas
  • Outdoor Motion Picture
  • Parking
  • Restaurants and Cafe
  • Verdant pathways for strolling

Where Shees Park Khorfakkan is located?

The park is located in Khor Fakkan’s Wadi Shees, on the outskirts of Sharjah. Even though the park is located in Sharjah, getting there from Dubai takes less time. Though driving from Sharjah to the park takes 45–60 minutes, depending on where you are, driving from Dubai only takes 30 minutes.

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What is the best way to get to Shees Park?

Emirates Road (E611) can be used to Sharjah, with Khor Fakkan Road serving as the exit. Travel the Khor Fakkan Road for about 70 km till you get to the Shees area. From Masafi Road, you may go straight to the park.

Important points must be checked:

  • Barbecuing is allowed only in the approved areas.
  • Dogs are not permitted.
  • It is not permitted to camp, play football, hunt, ride horses, smoke shisha, or go swimming here.
  • Cars must only be parked in defined spots.

To sum up

Shees Park Khorfakkan, Sharjah, UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, Shees Park Khor Fakkan is one of the best places to visit in Sharjah. There are lots of amazing outdoor activities and sights to see.  You can find a cozy haven in the middle of the city in some of Sharjah’s breathtaking parks, which are worth visiting. Additionally, sporting facilities, playgrounds, beaches, and BBQ areas if you’re looking for more possibilities. If you’re searching for a fun spot to go with your family or just want to experience some of the natural beauty of the UAE, this park in Khor Fakkan is a terrific place to go. Visit the park on your upcoming vacation to the United Arab Emirates, and begin enjoying all that beautiful park has to offer.

Commonly asked questions:

Does Shees Park have a grilling area?

Yes, there are areas in the park where you can dine and barbecue. But on weekends, the few available BBQ flames are generally packed.

What is the entrance fee to Shees Park?

This park in Sharjah is open to visitors free of cost thus everyone is welcome to come and take in the beauty of this location.

Where is Shees Park Khor Fakkan located?

Wadi Shees is home to this breathtaking park. Its location is New Khor Fakkan Road. Driving from Sharjah City, on the west coast of the United Arab Emirates, to the east takes slightly more than an hour.

Which new park opened in Khorfakkan?

Shees Park in 2020. It’s a lovely green space that plays a significant role in Sharjah’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact while providing visitors with a place to unwind and take in the scenery.

Can I go swimming or do other water sports in Shees Park?

No, the park does not offer water activities or swimming.

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Would you recommend Shees Park to kids?

Of course, the park is kid-friendly and provides a range of recreational opportunities.

How do I schedule a guided tour of Shees Park?

Yes, you may reserve guided tours of Shees Park Sharjah through any travel agency or by calling their number.

Does Shees Park have accessibility for those with disabilities?

In truth, the park has amenities to meet the requirements of individuals with disabilities and is accessible to them.

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