How to remove the travel ban in UAE

How to remove the travel ban in UAE? This is the first question that appears in your mind if you are traveling toward UAE. There is a very simple way through which you can remove your travel ban online by visiting the Ministry of Justice website. Here, we can find out how to remove the travel ban in the UAE.  

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands as a fascinating and beloved destination for people from around the world. By offering a unique blend of rich tradition, luxury, modernity, interesting landscape, and culture. The UAE is now a favorite place among global travelers. Whereas, some people face travel bans to uae. In this article, we briefly guide and explain to you how to remove the travel ban in UAE step by step.  

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Different types of bans: 

There are a few reasons why they put a travel ban on you in UAE. You need to find out why they impose travel restrictions on you. A few reasons are mentioned below:

Legal Ban: 

If you have a criminal offense filed against you, such as a criminal case or financial dispute, this may turn you into a travel ban in the UAE.

Financial Ban: 

If you can’t fulfill your financial obligations, like any outstanding balances or debt on your name, it might be possible for authorities to put a ban on you when you travel in UAE.

 Judiciary Ban:

 If you have any civil or commercial case in the UAE, a magistrate may apply travel restrictions on you, until your case has been heard by the court.

Absconding Ban: 

If you are an employee and terminate your contract before completion and without informing or taking a clearance certificate from your employer, or switching your job by breaking contract terms, fugitive restriction is imposed on you. Which may cause your travel ban in UAE.

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Immigration Ban: 

If you overstay in the UAE without having any visa status or enter through an illegal way in the country, unfollow residency rules, authorities put an immigration ban on you which would be a restriction for your future travel to the country.

Security Ban: 

If you are involved in potential threats to national security or public safety, you may face a travel ban imposed by authorities as a precautionary measure. Firstly, you have to find out why you are banned from traveling to UAE. Find out the mentioned reasons and then take NOC from your dispute organization or clearance certificate if it’s from a private company.

Step-by-step guide on how to remove the travel ban in UAE:

1. Submitting request:

  • First, you have to submit your request to remove the travel ban from you. By following these steps you can submit your case for requesting to remove the travel ban in UAE.
  • Open the Ministry of Justice website on your desktop or mobile, and search this option in services “CANCELLATION REQUEST OF TRAVEL BAN ORDER”. 
  • Click on “start service” and sign into your account.
  • Click on “My Cases” from your dashboard, it will show you the cases that are on you or related to you
  • See the details of your cases by clicking the eyes icon there
  • There are several options available for you, you must have to click on “request”
  • Fill out the form there, that requires the necessary details from you regarding your case request. 
  • As per policies by “The Ministry of Justice”, it might be possible you see different options and different request names, depending on your case.
  • Upload your required documents there as attachments
  •  Your request will be submitted by clicking the “Click on submit” button there.

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2. Pay your fee:

  • After submitting the request, you need to pay the required fee as per your case. Payments are different depending on the case. If you want to check the amount, how much fee you need to pay, you can follow these steps to know about this
  • Go to your dashboard and enter your “Application Reference Number”
  • On your right-hand corner, click on the “Check Box”
  • Here, it shows the amount details that you need to pay, press “Continue” and then
  • Make the payment through your card

3. Download the request:

  • You can download or print your request by following these steps
  • Open your dashboard, then go to “My Cases” from “Case Management”
  • Open the file by clicking on the eyes icon
  • Open the documents, you can download the PDF by clicking on the file link there
  • Take a print for physical proof

It may take up to five working days depending on case to case, as per “The Ministry of Justice”. You can track your application request online through your personal case dashboard. Your travel ban will be removed automatically if it’s approved and get a notification in your dashboard.

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All persons can remove their travel ban to the UAE. The point to be noted is that all the travel ban cases are unique and may require different steps to follow to remove the ban. But if you take “Professional Legal Advice” from “Corporate Consultants”, they may solve your case professionally in less time. If you want to solve it by yourself, you must have the right information and cooperate fully with the authorities, which may help you to remove your travel ban to UAE. By following these steps, you can easily understand “How to remove the travel ban in UAE”. It can increase your chances of having your travel ban lifted and regain your freedom to travel within and outside the UAE without any kind of restriction.


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