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Are you in search of how to pay for parking in Dubai?

As we all know, Dubai has changed its infrastructure, so paying parking fines is simple. The parking system in Dubai, along with the city’s transportation and road systems, is crucial to controlling traffic. There is no charge for parking on holidays. Depending on the time, place, and zone, parking price structures vary by emirate. Dubai is an example of sustainability, especially in terms of solar power. The parking systems in Dubai, in contrast to other parking meters, are solar-powered, with a solar panel cell installed on the top of each parking meter. Another environmentally friendly choice is to pay the parking fee digitally rather than print the receipt. Let’s learn about the parking system in Dubai and how to pay parking in Dubai.

Modern Dubai parking system:

Modern Dubai parking system

Dubai is the busiest city in the United Arab Emirates, and you can completely relate to this, as someone who currently lives in Dubai, how difficult it can be to park in a busy city. Dubai Parking SMS system makes this complex process more convenient.

Finding a parking space on the street in Dubai can be difficult when you first arrive. Parking on side streets is allowed, however, there is an hourly charge. You must locate the nearest orange parking sign designating the parking zone before you can park.

Dubai’s public parking structure is recognized for being both intuitive and savvy, which aids in reducing traffic and vehicle congestion. This is one element that immediately draws attention. Based on the zone and time a parking space is used, the parking cost is divided according to each parking lot.

Dubai Paid and unpaid parking places make up the two types of parking zones. Payment for parking is mandatory in both multi-story parking garages and metered spots on the street and can be made in cash or with credit/debit cards. On residential areas, beaches, public parks, and other sites, parking is free; however, municipal authorities may place time restrictions on parking. Additionally, there are certain parking spaces set aside for special vehicles like buses or taxis, which need their permits to be legally parked there.

The best payment options used in Dubai for parking

RTA service

Every year, Dubai receives many visitors, making it frustrating for foreigners to find a parking space. Dubai has implemented a parking system that enables on-site SMS payments for assistance. Dubai provides an eco-friendly parking environment for every citizen to have a hassle-free living experience. Using advanced parking methods in Dubai reduces excess waste and trash.

Usually, about 80% of people in Dubai make parking payments by electronic devices like SMS, and digital apps. They introduce various parking payment methods in Dubai that are quick, and hassle-free to ensure your vehicle will be legally parked and avoid fines:

RTA E-service:

The best way to pay for parking in Dubai is through the RTA’s SMS parking service. If you have completely adopted a digital lifestyle, the Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) has some excellent news for you.

In Dubai, you can now pay for parking via SMS. You may easily pay your parking ticket using the convenience of your phone thanks to the RTA’s electronic service called mParking. Because it is incredibly versatile, profitable, time-saving, and environmentally friendly. Before tickets expire, the Dubai RTA sends out a reminder update.

Parking Alert Notifications:

Parking rules are very stringent in Dubai. Please respect all the parking regulations to prevent fines. If you obtain a fine, RTA service centers or online payment options will be provided when you receive a notification via SMS.

Use Paid Parking Meters in Dubai:

  • Locate the closest parking meter in your current location first.
  • Verify the parking zone number that is visible on the meter.
  • Insert coins or a pre-paid parking card.
  • Enter the time and parking zone number.
  • Keep your printed parking ticket on the dashboard of the vehicle.


As compared to the digital parking system, the traditional method of paying for parking in the emirate is using coins. You should alter your lifestyle if you continue utilizing these methods because doing so could help you save time and money.

People who still prefer this method simply buy tickets using coins at the nearest paid parking machine. Add the value of the parking fees at the time, take the ticket from the machine, and display it on your vehicle dashboard.

Using the Dubai Parking Mobile Apps:

Using the Dubai Parking Mobile Apps

Parking payments through mobile apps are most suitable in Dubai. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently added a new feature to the RTA Dubai App, especially for iPhone, that allows users to scan a QR code and smoothly pay the parking fees in the emirate. Other, digital apps for parking payment can make your experience so much more hassle-free and convenient in Dubai.

Navi pay App:

This app makes every day’s digital parking experience smooth and easy in Dubai. You simply download it and use it to navigate to your destination before arriving.

Dubai Drive App:

Dubai Driver mobile app usage is also smooth, read instructions carefully before further processing. You only need to download the app from the Google Play Store, register your car there, and then pay the parking price.

Parking Cards:

There are two options the RTA service provides for parking cards:

Dubai Parking Cards

NOL Cards:

Use your NOL card to buy your parking ticket, and the amount will be deducted from the card balance.

Seasonal Cards:

RTA provides services to facilitate customers, they can renew or buy seasonal parking cards and also get permits through the online site.  The rates are different for roadside parking and parking lots.

You can get seasonal cards from supermarkets and grocery stores in denominations of 30 AED and 100 AED. Cards fall into the A, B, and T categories. They are available in different values and periods of validity.

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Different category parking cards estimated prices:

For Category A:

  • One Month: 500 AED
  • Three Months: 1400 AED
  • Six Months: 2,500 AED
  • Twelve Months: 4,500 AED

For Category B:

  • One Month: 250 AED
  • Three Months: 700 AED
  • Six Months: 1,300 AED
  • Twelve Months: 2,400 AED

Traffic penalties in Dubai:

Dubai parking has strict rules and enforces violations to pay fees on time to avoid penalties. If you are a new expatriate in Dubai, you must be informed about RTA parking rules and how to clear payments on time.

 Parking fines in Dubai:

  • If you do not display a ticket or have not paid the parking tariff, the parking fine is 150 AED.
  • If you place a vehicle under a parking umbrella without getting a permit, the fine will be 100 AED.
  • If you damage or hit a parking ticket machine, parking area, or zone plate, the fine will be 1000 AED.
  • If someone exceeds the maximum parking time then the fine will be 100 AED.
  • If someone is blocking or mistreating the parking lot then the fine is 500 AED.
  • If someone’s vehicle crosses the check or is parked there, the parking fine is 200 AED.
  • You will be fined 200 AED if you park your automobile in an unlicensed spot.
  • The license plate carries a hefty fine of  1,000 AED.

Final thoughts:

It is necessary to stay informed about parking rules and penalties in Dubai to avoid any discomfort. For this purpose, the official RTA website is the best source for up-to-date information. One can pay the parking fees online, through a parking card or mobile phone, mobile apps, or cash. Dubai’s parking regulations are essential to follow especially if you are on Azad/visit visa in Dubai and want a hassle-free and inexpensive stay in the city. Download the RTA app for easy parking payments and tracking expenses. Ignoring parking fines can lead to costly repercussions, so always follow the rules. Remember, parking properly not only benefits you but also ensures safety for all.

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