Al Rashidya

Al Rashidiya is an influential community located in the eastern part of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is famous for its great apartments with contemporary facilities and for being placed near Dubai International Airport. The community offers an extensive selection of housing selections, which include townhomes, residences, and villas, to fit different way of life choices and budgets.

To begin with, what does Al Rashidiy mean?

Al Rashidiya is a priceless ancient tapestry with Arabic roots. Once known as Nad Rashid, this breathtaking location underwent a dramatic transformation whilst it became renamed Al Rashidiya through the visionary leader, Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the extraordinary former Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. If we look at the origins of this name more closely, we will see that it is a real tribute to Rashid, reflecting his enduring impact and legacy on the community. Through its enduring allure, language tells a story that transforms our surroundings and pays tribute to those who have left a long-lasting effect on our shared past.

Travel routes to reach Al Rashidiya:

The approximate travel times and distances from Al Rashidiya, Dubai, to other prominent locations have been provided below:

From Al Rashidiya, it takes roughly 35 minutes and 33 kilometers to go to Dubai Marina by car or cab. Depending on traffic, driving or taking a taxi from Dubai International Airport to Al Rashidiya takes about 3 miles and takes 5 minutes. It takes 20 minutes to travel there by car or cab, depending on traffic, from Dubai Mall to Al Rashidiya, which is around 15 kilometers away. The Burj Khalifa is around 16 kilometers distant from Al Rashidiya; depending on traffic, it takes about 25 minutes to travel there in a car or taxi.

Kinds of Amenities around Al Rashidiya:

Educational Institutes

Many academic institutions in Al Rashidiya can accommodate the desires of youngsters of different ages and races. There are about 10 schools in Al Rashidiya. The majority of these institutes are public schools, which serve primarily UAE citizens. It should be claimed that although admission to the school is by achievement, coursework is given in Arabic.

Here are a few of the area’s well-known schools:

  • Al Rashid Al Saleh’s Private School 
  • Al Eman’s Private School

The English-speaking schools are the:

  • University of Jazeera
  • Al Mizhar American Academy
  • Emirates Aviation University
  • City School International Dubai
  • Private School Al Salam 
  • Al Diyafah High School


Al Rashidiya is home to a large number of supermarkets. Sea Supermarket and Halawa Supermarket are the nearest supermarkets to Rashidiya’s central area. Meanwhile, for daily necessities, these are amazing local stores. The various supermarkets in the region provide residents of Al Rashidiya with access to a wide range of goods to suit their everyday needs. Here are a few of the well-known supermarkets in the area:

  • Supermarket Sea
  • Halawa Supermarket 
  • Carrefour Hypermarket 
  • Union Coop Supermarket
  • West Zone Fresh Supermarket 
  • Choithrams 
  • Spinneys

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Healthcare Facilities

In Al Rashidiya, there are two healthcare facilities: Axon Medica Polyclinic and Al Noor Polyclinic. You’ll find a hospital located nearby where residents may take emergency medical care without having to travel far. To satisfy the needs of the community, a range of medical services are offered in the nearby settlement of Al Rashidiya. Private hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities are available to residents according to their specific healthcare needs. Here are a few of the well-known medical facilities in the area:

  • Medica Axon Polyclinic 
  • Al Noor Polyclinic
  • Hospital Mediclinic
  • Hospital Zulekha
  • Royal Hospital NMC
  • Welcare Clinic Hospital
  • Aster Medical Center

Places of worship

Al Rashidiya is a multicultural neighborhood home to individuals of many ethnic and religious backgrounds. Sadly, there are no churches in the neighborhood or surrounding area. About ten different kinds of churches belonging to different Christian denominations can be found in the village of Oud Mehta, which is about 13 minutes north. There is a comparable shortage of Hindu temples in the community or neighborhood. Here are some of the area’s most popular houses of worship:

  • The Al Atuyba Mosque
  • Mosque of Aisha Faheem 
  • Mosque Bin Huraiz
  • The Catholic Church of St. Mary
  • Dubai’s Mar Thoma Church
  • Dubai’s Shree Krishna Temple

Dining and Recreational Activities

Residents can pick from a huge form of eating alternatives, inclusive of delicious overseas cuisine and traditional Arabic meals. 

With so many eating places providing indoor and outdoor seating, Al Rashidiya is a super place to have dinner with cherished ones. Movie theaters, bowling alleys, and arcades are only a few of the various amusement venues within the community. For the residents of this area, there are numerous cultural activities. It gets value because of its closeness to popular attractions in and around Dubai, such as Festival City and Dubai Mall, with repute to its entertainment offerings.

Future Modifications and Development

Over time, all of Dubai’s settlements will experience too many good developments. Dubai, a major city, is always expanding its areas with new modern amenities. Consequently, this area will advance even further in the future.

Shopping, and Nightlife

Al Rashidiya is closer to several attractive locations, including restaurants, shopping centers, and other points of interest, than other, more isolated parts of Dubai.

Al Rashidiya Malls 

The Bin Sougat Centre is a community mall located in Al Rashidiya. Near the Centrepoint Metro Station, this mall has several eateries as well as a large number of shopping centers. 

The City Centre Mirdif, a popular shopping destination, is located ten minutes’ drive south of Rashidiya. This mall is a fantastic spot to eat and offers a ton of shopping options. Many fast-food and informal dining possibilities are available at City Centre Mirdif. Movie lovers may view the newest blockbusters on a large screen at VOX Cinemas in Mirdif City Centre.

Closest Beaches of Al Rashidiya

Residents of Rashidiya, one of Dubai’s southernmost districts, had to travel 20 to 30 minutes by car to get to a nearby beach. Al Mamzar Beach and Jumeirah Beach are the closest beaches.

Recreational activities and Landmarks

For fun and relaxation, the family-friendly indoor jungle gym Fun Block is located just three minutes away from Al Rashidiya. Children can play and explore freely because they have the entire area to themselves. Kids’ social skills can also begin to improve during Fun Block. There are a variety of enjoyable arcade games that are appropriate for both adults and children, along with the jungle gym.

For those who thought golfing to be a leisure activity, the closest golf course is in the town of Port Saeed, 16 minutes north. Residents have access to the Dubai Creek Yacht & Golf Club there. 

Among the community’s noteworthy landmarks is the Al Rashidiya Public Library. It has a dedicated children’s area with a reading room and video equipment.

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, Al Rashidiya is an excellent area for choosing as home. Come here and enjoy peaceful beauty and escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai. With so many facilities and reasonably priced homes in this family-friendly area, life here is sure to be enjoyable. Al Rashidiya offers seamless accessibility and is near Dubai, making it the height of comfort and convenience.  


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