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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates. Here we chat about street food in Dubai. Street Food refers to food or drinks and desserts sold by a trader or a vendor at a very cheap price on a side of the street or any other public place. People enjoy this food at a very reasonable price and also with delicious and vibrant taste. Street Foods are cheaper than restaurant meals and have a better taste than a costly restaurant meal. There are many types of street foods in Dubai according to the culture and region and based on what people most like to eat. To experience the city culture and street food is the best way because the street stalls offer a variety of dishes with many good and fresh ingredients. Street foods exist in an endless heterogeneity.

The most famous Dubai Street Food items:

The most devoured Dubai street foods are as follows:

  • Shawarma: 


Shawarma is a very famous and delicious Dubai street food. You must try many shawarma, but the shawarma sold on the streets of Dubai just carries another level of taste. Here we are talking about the making of this incomparable recipe. This recipe holds sliced chicken, beef, or lamb whatever you like and ask for it depends on you, and it filled with fresh green vegetables and onions, slices of cucumber that enhance the taste of shawarma and also it is filled with some secret sauces to make it an authentic shawarma. It is rolled in a soft but a little crunchy flatbread.

  • Shish Tawouk Sandwich:

The Shish Tawouk Sandwich is a very delicious sandwich and is easily available on the streets of Dubai. Now, we are talking about the making of this sandwich. It is a non-vegetarian dish with slices of chicken, lamb, or beef (depending on what you ask for) and it is rolled in a soft flatbread. The sandwich is filled with many secret sauces, spices, pickles, many herbs, and vegetables. It is an extremely perfect blend of chicken and vegetarian sandwiches.

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  • Oman Chips Roll:

Oman Chips Roll is a very popular and amazing food in Dubai. It is most demanded by children, it is available in schools easily because of the hype of Oman chips around the children. Here we are talking about the recipe of Oman Chips Roll. The main ingredient of this roll is Oman chip which is smashed and enrolled with some layers of cheese. It is a popular street food in Dubai.

  • Harees:


Basically, Harees is an Arab dish that is served mostly on special occasions like Arab weddings, Eid-Ul-Fitr and Ramadan. Let’s move to making Harees, It is a blend of wheat and meat. Firstly we boil the wheat and mix it with meat (whether you like chicken, lamb, or beef) but many of them make it with coarsely ground wheat. It is served by adding different toppings like butter, chili flakes, and garlic or ginger powder depending on your taste. It is a favorite and famous dish of Arabs.

  • Samboosa:

Samboosa is a famous snack in Dubai. It is actually a famous snack samosa and then Arabs made a twist and named it Samboosa. Now move it to the making of samboosa which is a thin layer of crunchy pastry sheets filled with different types of meat and vegetables with many special spices. It is a very popular street food in Dubai.

  • Manakish:


Manakish is a very popular dish in Dubai. It is very thinnest and crunchiest in nature. Moving to making Manakish it is a flatbread which is filled with cheese and then cooked. It is an oven-baked item. After baking you can add any spices, vegetables, or oils on the top. You can also use meat as a topping. Then it is ready to be served.

  • Luqaimat:

It is a traditional and famous Emirati desert. It is very famous among the residents and the tourists. The balls of dough are very soft and chewable on the inside after being fried and crispy on the outside. A single plate of Luqaimat consists of many crispiest fried doughs. It is served with honey and also with syrup of dates.

  •  Karak:

The Dubai national drink is Karak. It can easily be bought on any side of the road at a very cheap price. It is a milky tea. Firstly, we boiled the water then added some cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper we cooked it until it reached into thick consistency. It is a strong tea in both taste and color. It is usually served in a paper cup and contains a very small quantity. To enjoy karak the best way is to enjoy it with a sweet cake or a doughnut and have fun.

  • Fareed:

It is a very famous Emirati food named Fareed but also known as thareed. It is usually rich in vitamins and proteins and is served on special occasions. The chunks of vegetable and bread are soaked in meat gravy and then it is ready to serve with the topping of spices.

  • Falafel:


The Emirati serve it as the most popular dish. It is an alternative to vegetarian meals. Falafel is a fried item of chicken patty. They enroll it in a flatbread with many sauces, fresh vegetables, and cheese. They also serve it with the topping of salads, pickles, vegetables, and hot sauce. People also eat it as a snack.

  • Madrooba:

Madrooba is a very famous and popular dish in Emirati. This recipe takes a lot of time to make, which is why it is rare to find it easily in restaurants. It has a spicy, soupy, and very comforting taste. Basically, it is porridge with overcooked rice with meat and takes a lot of time to prepare. The flavoring includes such as turmeric, cumin, cardamom, ginger and cloves, cinnamon, garlic, black pepper fried all the ingredients in oil.

  • Kanfeh:

The main desert of Dubai, known as the “Queen of the Deserts” – Knafeh, will be discussed here after all the spicy meals. Basically, it is a sugar-soaked pastry. They make it from shredded dough and then spread it onto a pan before soaking it in syrup. Then they can make its stuffing with a layer of cheese or with thickened cream. After that, we pour some syrup chocolate, and honey. Then garnish it with pistachios or any other dry fruit you like the most. It is now ready for serving.

Places to visit in Dubai to Enjoy street food:

There are some of the best places to visit in Dubai for Dubai Food Street are as follows:

street food
  • Sheikh Zaid Road:  

The main street which is full of food in Dubai is Sheikh Zaid Road. You will definitely see a wonderful variety of food in this location whenever you visit. The best part of this place is it is open 24/7 and never shuts down properly.

  • Bur Dubai:

 It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Dubai. It is a very busy place in Dubai. You find many Indian street foods here along with Arab street food.

  • Meena Bazar:

Many shops selling everything at a very cheap range fill Meena Bazar street. It is at the top of the list which ranks to find street food.

  • Downtown Dubai:

Whenever you visit Burj Khaleefa you must see a food truck which is right opposite it. All of the Perfect Street food you will find here.

  • Satwa:

If you plan to go there for street food, Satwa is one of the top spots. The Few oldest and iconic food shops opened here and turned into a successful opening branch.

  • Global Village:

Global Village is a very ridiculous option, but it is assured that you will get your favorite food in Global Village. It is also one of the leading attractions in Dubai. You can find many stalls of street food here.

  • Marina Walk Street Food:

Directly from the Dubai Marina Walk, you find a street food market with many astonishing food trucks. The seniority of street food has a small outdoor area full of seating plans. Some food stalls also offer entertainment such as music concerts and board games.

  • Al Barsha:

If you are a true food lover, then definitely you should go to this place to try the best street food ever. This place is a core to satisfy your taste buds.

However, street food is also available at places of people’s gatherings. People enjoy the food from stalls and sides of the street with a delicious taste.

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