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You’ll notice that dates have a special significance as “religious fruits” if you reside in Dubai. Most visitors to the Middle East focus on the high quality of the dates they purchase as special snacks when they come back home. You must have complete research of dates (price, brands, and quality or flavor) before buying from any shop.  Due to the numerous brand launches, it is challenging for new visitors to decide which is the best one.

Every kind of date is not difficult to locate in the UAE, close to supermarkets, souks, and malls in Dubai. You can also purchase last-minute dates at the airport.

Why dates are so important in UAE:

In Arab countries, the date palm trees, which endured for generations over hundreds of years, even under difficult desert settings, have an illustrious and long history in the Arab world. Bedouins have been known to sustain themselves on basic diets of dates and camel milk in ancient times since every part of the palm tree has a usage. With more than 150 different species of fruit-bearing palms in the UAE, dates are now recognized as a national fruit and an important part of their culture. Nutritionist also recommends taking dates regularly in a specific quantity part of the diet because several benefits like in dates contain fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other useful nutrients.

Where to find the best cheapest dates in Dubai:

Dates are conventionally available in different markets of Dubai. Visit the souk city or retail stores to stock up on a selection of dates from different emirate brands such famous brands are The Date Room and Al Barakah Dates.

Bateel’s luxury boutiques are a must-visit place for date lovers. If you research more you will find Bateel dates filled with candied orange peel and macadamia or generously covered in chocolate, ready to pack date special gift boxes for friends and family, or bring them to return home.

Retail Stores:

Most leading retail stores in UAE have many branches nearby in Dubai areas. Carrefour and Lulu are the largest chains they offer different brands of dates. Also, you will find both premium and local cheap date options they are also good in taste and quality. If you looking for a customized packed date, just visit to buy the best dates in Dubai and check the nearest location of the store or shop.

Traditional Markets or Souks:

When you visit Dubai’s traditional market, you will find many varieties according to your preference you can freshly pick dates and shop for other stuff like clothes, fragrances, and traditional jewelry as well.

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Shop best Dates in Dubai Airport:

If you’re at the airport and forget to buy date gifts or other gifts, Dubai Airport is duty-free you can do shopping without any difficulty for your loved ones.

Betel Dates Shop:

In Dubai, Bateel Date Shop is considered a premium best date in Dubai to shop. All over UAE, they are prominent for 20 varieties of dates such as they offer Shukkary, Medjool, and Khudri. Other than premium quality dates they offer different tastes like luscious almond and hazelnut bars.

You can find Bateel Date shop from these nearest locations:

  • City Centre
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Marina Mall Dubai
  • The JBR walk
  • Jumeirah Centre
  • Festival City
  • Old Town
  • Avenues Atlantis
  • Burjuman Center
  • Ras Al Khaimah

Different kinds of dates:

You can’t believe that in UAE there are 200 kinds of dates cultivated and all differ in size, shape, taste, and color. Some are the most famous dates listed below you can easily find which is the best choice for you.

  • Barhee dates:

Barhee dates

Barhee dates also (spelled as Barhi) the dried fresh dates of popular variety most people choose to enjoy fresh, thick flesh and rich original flavor.

  • Derrie Dates:

Derrie Dates

The origin of derriere dates in Basra Iraq. Over the period its variation changes color from red to brown and then converts to black. It does not have a rich flavor but other than sweet in taste. Derrie dates are a great ingredient used in making savory and sweet dishes.

  • Deglet Noor Dates:

Deglet Noor Dates

If we translate the name Deglet Noor Dates, you will definitely surprised to know the meaning is “Dates of the Light”. This name is based on the unique aspect when held up to the sun the golden light color of the fruit’s centre.

  • Khudri Dates:

Best Khudri Dates in Dubai

The origin of Khudri dates comes from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The appearance of khudri dates is smooth in texture and dark brown in color. If you have diabetes, these dates are perfect for you as people love to eat them as snacks instead of sugar.

  • Mazafati Dates:

Mazafati dates in Dubai

The origin of Mazafati dates from the city of Kerman, Iran, Bam. The measurement of date is about 2.5 to 2.4 cm long. Dates are in brown color, soft, and flabby. Mazafati dates are used in making sweet dishes and are also enjoyed as a snack.

Can we shop for dates online?

Yes, you can easily buy online the best date in Dubai. Don’t worry if you have a preference for online shopping you can buy the best dates in Dubai from famous online shopping stores such as Amazon. ae, Dubai store, Carrefour UAE, Spinney, Fresh Fruits Mart, and Kibsons.

Famous dates brands in Dubai:

Bateel Dates:

Bateel Dates Shop offers customers a wide range of premium quality dates including premium quality snacks, butter cookies, chocolates, almond dates, and hazelnut bars all you choose for a gifting choice.

Al Barakah Dates:

Al Barakah is the leading and trustful best date in Dubai brands. Their business operations have over 30 years in UAE, and they believe in brand promises of quality packaging and whole-date products.

Bayara Dates:

Most popular brands of dates in UAE, carry the brand name of Gyma Food Industries. Over 1,200, Bayara offers products including fruits, nuts and seasoning.

Jomara Dates:

Jomara date located in Al Ghat, Saudi Arabia, dates are cultivated by Zahdan Groups. The popular brand offers 20 varieties of dates such as Khudri, Medjool, and Sukkary. Other than they offer treats and dates made products including date jam, date chocolates, and date drinks. 

Crown Date:

Crown Dates is one of the first retail brands of the Al Foah Group, also a well-growing and leading brand not only in UAE but in the world. Today, they offer brand products in over 35 countries.

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