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In 2005, the Dubai municipality established Zabeel Park for the public. This is Dubai’s largest and most exquisite park, sometimes called “Dubai’s lungs” because it absorbs pollutants, including carbon dioxide, released by Dubai’s cars, thereby reducing pollution. Zabeel Park is an excellent green space that extends for 45 football fields, because of its technology-driven design.

Zabeel Park overview:

One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Dubai Frame, located within the expansive park. Zabeel Park is a fantastic spot to play with your kids, family, and friends while taking in the sun. Visitors can take the breathtaking perspective of the older and newer zones from here.
The park is divided into many sections, each with a different theme and plants that go well with it. Whether you like to exercise or just spend time outside, this park is a terrific place to spend a day.
Three zones are made up of this urban park, which is a must-see location in the eastern part of Dubai the Techno, Communications, and Alternative Energy zones. Zabeel Park is a beautiful example of natural landscaping, with its amphitheater, jogging routes, picnic spots, dining businesses, technology theme park, lake, kids’ amusement center, and iconic Dubai Frame.

Perfect time to visit Zabeel Park

All year long, visitors are welcome to Zabeel Park. To enjoy the sun and fresh morning air, it’s ideal for fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers to visit the park early in the morning. For art enthusiasts who want to see the exhibits, after 4:00 PM is the ideal time to visit the park.

Ticket price for Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park tickets are AED 5 per person however, children under 2 and those with disabilities enter free of charge.

Daily Opening Hours

Open Sunday through Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Best Way to get to Zabeel Park

You may reach the park with the following modes of transportation:
Metro: The Max Metro Station, which is close to Zabeel Park, may be reached via the Red Line. From the station, you may either take a short cab ride or walk for fifteen minutes to reach the park.
Bus: The bus stops closest to Zabeel Park on foot are Karama 2-2 (bus lines C03 and C05 from Burjuman Metro), Department of Health 2 (bus line 27 from Burj Khalifa, The Palace Hotel), and ADCB Metro Bus Stop Landside (bus line 29 from Dubai Mall).

Top attractions to see at Zabeel Park

Dubai Frame

From the spectacular Dubai Frame viewing platform, take in the expansive cityscape. See for yourself the amazing change the city has undergone from this point on. Take photos beneath this stunning, 493-foot-tall glass and steel skyscraper.

Picnic spot

Locals and visitors alike love Zabeel Park as a picnic location. The park, which is surrounded by peaceful scenery, features a picnic and barbecue area.

Cruising by boat

Take pleasure in boating on the wonderful lake. For an exciting boating experience in the park, choose from a range of watercraft, including row boats, pedal boats, and motor boats.

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Physical fitness

Zabeel Park is a great place for those who enjoy working out. The park contains a 4.3 km long, well-maintained running track, a well-equipped exercise center, and bicycles for rent. Burn calories while exploring the entire landscape with a workout or a bike ride.

Sporting activity

Many sports facilities can be found in the Park, where guests can engage in a variety of outdoor activities. A miniature cricket ground, BMX track, skating track, and golfing area are available for those who enjoy outdoor sports.

Dubai Glow Garden

The top attractions of Zabeel Park include the Dubai Glow Garden. Only during the winter season, beginning in October, does this unusual theme park open. Beautiful artwork created from recycled materials, such as fabric and light bulbs, is on display. It’s worth visiting the illuminating artworks that fill the entire area. There is an ice park with breathtaking ice sculptures in the Garden.

The Rose Garden

The garden is a wonderful backdrop for photos and is intended to highlight the diversity and beauty of roses. Another well-liked location for tourists to unwind and take in the scenery is the Rose Garden.

Herbal Garden

In the park, there is yet another well-liked attraction. Its goal is to encourage the use and appreciation of fragrant and therapeutic herbs. Many of the plants and herbs that are on display in the garden are utilized in traditional medicine. In addition to strolling around the garden and taking in the tranquil surroundings, visitors may discover more about the many plants and their purposes.

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Flea Market Zabeel Park

People in the neighborhood are excited about the Flea Market. It attracts buyers who are searching for affordable used goods. The market is thought to be the biggest collection of flea markets in Dubai.
You can get anything you need for a very low price at this fantastic opportunity. It’s advisable to arrive early at the market to avoid any parking-related difficulties. The flea market event offers a variety of street foods from around the world in place of shopping.

Entrance and parking gates to the Zabeel Park

There are seven gates in Zabeel Park that one can utilize to enter the premises.
Park gate 1: Zabeel Park is nearest to the Max Metro station, next to Zabeel Palace, and an appropriate playground access.
Gate 2: The main entrance to Zabeel Park.
Gate 3: This is located on Shaikh Rashid Road, next to the Karam Footbridge.

Park gate 4: If you wish to drive into Zabeel Park, you won’t have any trouble finding parking at any of the four gates because they are used as the Dubai Frame’s entrance and as the park’s sole pedestrian access.
Gate 5, which leads to Zabeel Park’s C Block
Park gate 6 is located on the Al Majlis Street side and is typically used as the entry to Dubai Garden Glow.
Park gate 7 is located on the Trade Center Roundabout and is also the entrance to Dubai Garden Glow.

Things to Consider Before Entering Zabeel Park

  • When visiting the park, always carry a legitimate form of identification with you.
  • It may be wise to bring a high-SPF sunscreen lotion if you plan to visit the park during the day.
  • Please remember to bring drinking water, hats, and sunglasses.
  • Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing.
  • In the neighborhood of the Park, there are plenty of notable eateries to satisfy your palate. burger Za’abeel (for mouthwatering burgers), Dapoer Kita Restaurant (for unique Indonesian food), and Seafood Brunch (for fish products) are a few of these.

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Final Words

You can enjoy family entertainment at Zabeel Park. The park offers many kid-friendly attractions, including an aviary, a kids’ play area, Dinosaur Park, Dubai Frame, Garden Glow, a sizable pond for boating, and a tiny food court. Gate 2 is the park’s main entrance, and Gate 1 is the gate near Zabeel Palace. Gate 3 is the gate nearest Jebel Ali/Al Khail Road. These gates allow cars and bicycles to enter the park. The park’s sole pedestrian entry is located at Gate 4. If you wish to drive into the park, you may easily find a spot at any of the four gates.

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