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The Abu Dhabi Mall is one of the most popular and extensively developed shopping centers. Along with three floors of shops, the top floor has a sizable food court. There’s also a large grocery store chain known as Coop. Due to the presence of a sizable “Brands for Less” store in the mall’s recent expansion, the store’s location enjoys special popularity among foreign women.

Abu Dhabi, the capital and largest city of the United Arab Emirates, is the most massive and fastest-growing of the country’s seven Emirates. It is situated off the central western shore of the Arabian/Persian Gulf on a remote island.

The word “Dhabi” in Abu Dhabi means “gazelle,” and the word “Abu” means “father,” due to the abundance of gazelles in the region. Sheikh Zayed, a Japanese architect, was in charge of the city’s and nation’s development in 1967 for Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is said to be home to a diverse, cosmopolitan society.

Let’s Explore Abu Dhabi Mall

One of the most vital contemporary components of travel habits is shopping tourism. Government officials responsible for tourism in Abu Dhabi worked extremely hard to build more recreational facilities, such as parks, restaurants, cafes, theaters, and shopping centers. The Abu Dhabi Mall, a Rising Modern attraction, was constructed as a component of the Abu Dhabi Trade Center eighteen years ago in 2001 in the center of Abu Dhabi City, United Arab Emirates.

The Abu Dhabi Mall is located in a busy part of town next to the Beach Rotana Hotel, and it has easy access from the hotel for flexibility. The Mall was designed as an “All-inclusive in One Place” to meet all of the needs of the 40,000 visitors it receives on a daily average. Products and souvenirs from many cultures and countries are on display.

To provide visitors with a varied selection of shopping experiences, over 200 stores, outlets, Grand Stores, retail stores of national and international brands, a Kids area, a Food Court, a Cinema, restaurants, coffee shops, a Fitness Center, and more are available. Abu Dhabi Mall was named by Forbes in 2017 as one of the city’s most luxurious shopping attractions.

Culture Creating Art in Abu Dhabi

The emergence of cultural associations such as the Cultural Foundation, which reopened in 2011 following restoration work, the National Theater, the Abu Dhabi Classical Music Society, the Emirates Foundation, which provides grants for the arts, the International Prize for Arabic Fiction (IPAF), and other cultural centers, makes them a great choice for heritage and culture travelers.

When visiting Abu Dhabi, one of the main things your eyes would never overlook is the architecture’s brilliance. The National Bank of Abu Dhabi headquarters, the Etihad Towers, the Baynunah (Hilton Hotel) Tower, the Etisalat offices, and the Emirates Palace are just a few of the skyscrapers that are lighting up the Abu Dhabi skyline. Situated adjacent to Aldar Headquarters, the first circular skyscraper in the Middle East is an architectural marvel.

Location of Abu Dhabi Mall

This innovative mall is well-spotted in the heart of Abu Dhabi. It is near residents residing in flats for rent on Zayed the First Street and the renowned Beach Rotana Hotel. For hotel guests, direct access to the Abu Dhabi Shopping Mall is available as well.

How to Use Public Transport to Get There:

Several bus routes travel in the area, including the 5, 7, 8, 9, 32, 34, and 63.

Abu Dhabi Mall Opening Hours

Sunday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

10:00 a.m.–11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Timing of Hypermarket:

Daily from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Restaurants & Cafes:

Sunday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

10 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Friday through Saturday)

Parking at Abu Dhabi Mall:

The Abu Dhabi Mall in the United Arab Emirates has spacious, multi-level parking spaces. There will always be a convenient parking spot available, so don’t worry about traffic or the bustle of the city. You may even get your car washed while you browse because of the availability of car wash services.

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Top Best Restaurants near Abu Dhabi Mall

Benihana: American – Japanese Restaurant:

At Benihana, a modern American-Japanese restaurant, you may enjoy a show-stopping display of sushi, sashimi, makimono, steaks, fish, chicken, and fresh veggies together with the exciting drama and charm of live Teppanyaki cooking. With an “in-the-round” seating configuration that heightens the theatrical atmosphere, Benihana is regarded as one of the best places to eat in the UAE capital and offers family-friendly entertainment.

Prego’s Restaurant: Italian Cuisine

Prego’s is a lively restaurant that will surprise you with its fresh flavors, hearty fare, and real warmth. If you’re looking for Italian food just as mother prepared, as well as a warm and welcoming family-friendly ambiance that envelops you from the moment you step in. Every day, they make fresh pasta, bake our pizzas in a classic wood-fired oven, and work hard to provide guests with a taste of Italy through our selection of authentic dishes and ingredients. Diners love the outside terrace because it offers amazing views of the hotel’s beach and gardens. Other appealing features of this venue include theatrical open kitchens and chic, modern style with imaginative lighting and mosaic tile work.

Indigo Restaurant: Indian Cuisine

At Indigo, where skilled chefs have mastered the art of recreating classic dishes to appeal to both traditional tastes and the modern palette, you may immerse yourself in a world of aromatic modern Indian food. Enjoy mouthwatering new flavors with a reassuring familiarity, ranging from modern favorites like biryani, kebabs, and chaat to our delicious trademark dish, the Sikhandari Raan, a succulent pot-roasted leg of baby lamb.

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Rodeo Grill Restaurant – Steak House

At Abu Dhabi’s most sought-after steakhouse, Rodeo Grill, you can experience the true “art of steakmanship.” The restaurant delivers the best grills and radiates modern elegance from the moment you walk in the door. From freshly caught seafood and shellfish to prime-aged beef, their chefs have carefully chosen the best and freshest ingredients, which are then cooked to perfection in our distinctive Josper wood-fired oven. This modern steakhouse in the city center offers a relaxing and elegant atmosphere created by warm grey timber floors and walls. It promises to be a great modern dining experience.

Mongolian Restaurant

In Abu Dhabi Mall, there’s an amazing Chinese restaurant called Mongolian Restaurant that’s well worth checking out. It provides classic Chinese flavors in incredibly delicious treats. Even though it’s a tiny space with few tables. The food it serves and the decorations it keeps hold of facets of its Chinese history.

Activities to do at Abu Dhabi Mall:


A new entertainment area has been built inside the Abu Dhabi Mall. It also acts as a catch-all for a ton of amazing events that are suitable for both adults and children. These shops and venues offer the perfect destination for a weekend or school holiday. Since they include the following:

  • Xtreme Zone
  • Fun City
  • Mini Playo by Louna
  • Studio Lab

Fast-Food Restaurants

  • Paul
  • Pf Chang’s
  • Famous Dave’s

You can also find a variety of fast-food eateries at the food court. For example:

  • Hardee’s
  • KFC
  • Subway
  • Mannchow Wok
  • Maroosh
  • Fujiyama
  • Athena

Vox Cinema – Abu Dhabi Mall

The Vox Cinema is best known for its spacious theaters, cozy seats, and yummy movie snacks. Tickets can be reserved via phone at +971 600 599905 or online.

Closing Words:

With this, we have concluded our guide to Abu Dhabi Mall. Beyond just being a place to shop, this top-rated mall in Abu Dhabi City offers an extensive variety of dining and entertainment options when compared to its large selection of retailers.

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